Here are some fun assorted facts about your local skeleton! My preferred pronouns are they/them, but any are fine. I prefer to avoid sharing personal information with strangers, but I'm happy to ramble on about a lot of other things for way too long. I've dabbled in programming, game design, play a few tabletop RPGs, and have a bunch of assorted DIY projects. Also, I cook!

When it comes to tabletop RPGs, I usually prefer simple, rules-light retroclones like Labyrinth Lord or Old School Essentials, but having been in a grand total of three campaigns that lasted for any real length of time, I'm not an expert.

I'll probably make pages about some of my niche hobbies or interests sooner or later. For now, please wait patiently while I try to learn the ropes of HTML and web design. Comments and suggestions are, of course, appreciated.

This page was mostly written in the middle of the night, so it'll probably get a rewrite soon.